Something tells me if you're reading this About page, we'll be getting familiar soon, I'll intro myself first.

Hi, I'm Flo, I like to make things that look and feel good. I'm a photographer, cinematographer/director, art director, creative consultant and a visual artist.

I'm 22 (and a half) and I've been shooting for about 9 years (fun fact; before that I was a figure skater for about 10). I discovered I was a creative thanks to photography and Karen Johnson, my high school photo teacher.

I'm from Harlem, NY, my parents immigrated from West Africa in the '90s. Thanks to them I was pushed to focus on my education and found myself in one of NYC's elite private schools. The best thing I walked out of there with was my passion for creativity. 

Simply put, as a creative, I can't watch a movie, walk down a street, even have a conversation without my mind going off on tangents. Literally everything I see, hear or experience inspires or has the potential to inspire me. I also accredit my Tumblr obsession as a teenager to my first exposure to creativity. I'd spend hundreds and hundreds of hours on that site, this is for sure how I first curated my eye, that wasn't even intentional.

In the past two years some cool stuff that's happened to me include being a personal photographer for Cardi B and Gucci Mane. I was flown to Senegal during Thanksgiving break in college to shoot a campaign for a designer, and I also got this cool writeup in Vogue.

It's all a blessing really, but an even bigger one is this ability to create, to envision, to visualize. Bringing things to life that were not once there... I call it my sixth sense, makes life that much better, think I'm just getting started. So anyway, what can I do for you?