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Something tells me if you're reading this About page, we'll be getting familiar soon, I'll intro myself first.

Hi, I'm Flo, I like to make things look and feel good. I'm a photographer/director, creative consultant and visual artist.

I'm 22 and I've been shooting for about 9 years (fun fact; before that I was a figure skater). I'm from Harlem, NY and my parents immigrated from West Africa in the '90s. 

Simply put, as a creative, I can't watch a movie, walk down a street, even have a conversation without my mind going off on tangents. Everything I see, hear or experience inspires or has the potential to inspire me. I love bringing things to life that weren't once there. 

Nowadays I'm doing personal photography for the likes of Cardi B and Gucci Mane on behalf of Atlantic Records. And in 2016 was flown to Senegal when to shoot a campaign for a Senegalese designer, I also got a cool writeup in Vogue.

I feel blessed to be able to create, envision, and visualize.... this is truly my purpose and I'm so happy I discovered that at a pretty young age (thank you Tumblr). So anyway, what can I do for you?