Something tells me if you're reading this About page, we could be getting familiar soon. I'm Flo, a 22 year old photographer, director and visual artist.

I recently wrapped a summer internship in San Francisco as an Art Direction Intern for an advertising agency called Venables, Bell & Partners. I graduated in June of 2017, the day before flying to California, with a degree in Advertising/PR and a Studio Art minor from City College of New York

A Harlem native, but a child of West African immigrants, my passion for photography and design emerged in high school. As a creative, I can't watch a movie, walk down a street, or have a conversation without my mind going off on tangents. Everything from hearing a good song to seeing good lighting triggers my creative process. It's a blessing really, to envision, to visualize, to constantly be inspired. 

I call it my sixth sense, makes life better. I just like to make good sh*t.